Disposable Yellow Cap Gel+Clot Activator Tube Vacuum blood collection tube

Disposable Yellow Cap Vacuum Gel+Clot Activator Tube is made of selected plastic material. The inner wall of the test tube is silicified to make it smooth and free from blood. The serum is separated thoroughly with separation glue, and there is no fibrin filament in the serum. Spec:Gel+clot activator tube,plain tube ,no additive tube, clot activator,tube,sodium heparin tube,lithium heparin tube,pt tube,3.2% sodium citrate tube,edta k3 tube,edta k2 tube,edta tube,ESR tube,3.8% sodium citrate tube,glucose tube sodium fluride tube,fluoride tube

Product Description

Product name: Disposable Yellow Cap Vacuum Gel+Clot Activator Tube

Type: Vacuum or non vacuum, micro blood collection tube

Spec: Gel+clot activator tube, plain tube, no additive tube, clot activator, tube, sodium heparin tube,lithium heparin tube, pt tube,3.2% sodium citrate tube, edta k3 tube, edta k2 tube, edta tube, ESR tube,3.8% sodium citrate tube, glucose tube sodium fluride tube, fluoride tube

Cap Color: purple/Lavender/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Gray/Black

Material: PET plastic or Glass
Tube size:13*75mm,13*100mm
Volume:1ml,2ml,3ml,4ml,5ml,6ml,7ml Etc

Shelf Life:2years

Sterilized: yes

Band: Chaoran

Sample: Availible

OEM: Available

Certificate: CE/ISO








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