Throat Sampling Polyester Swab Stick

Pharynx test is a common detection method for respiratory infectious diseases, especially after COVID-19 epidemic. Throat Sampling Polyester Swab Stick is a commonly used method for the detection of viral nucleic acid at present. 

Product Description

1. Product Introduction of Throat Sampling Polyester Swab Stick


Throat Sampling Polyester Swab Stick should have normal oral flora, but can not cause the growth of other bacteria. Bacteria in the pharynx mainly come from the outside world, which will not cause disease under normal circumstances, but when the body's systemic or local resistance is relatively weak, or under the influence of other external factors, infection may occur.  Therefore, bacterial culture from throat swabs can isolate pathogenic bacteria, which is helpful for the diagnosis of some diseases.

Because humans breathe and eat through the mouth, a variety of bacteria and viruses form in the mouth. While diseases such as influenza and COVID-19 are spread through the respiratory tract, the pharynx is where these bacteria and viruses gather.  So by sampling with a throat swab, the secretions are taken from the places where the virus is most likely to gather, so that the type of virus can be detected quickly and easily, and the disease can be diagnosed accurately.


Throat Sampling Polyester Swab Stick



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